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Private and small group beach training now available.

VCVC is excited to offer beach training year round for aspiring beach athletes and indoor players looking to improve their skill levels. Players will become proficient in serving, passing, setting, hitting, digging, blocking and communicating! The player gains outstanding benefits such as better ball control, mental toughness and independence; learning to form a partnership, to strategize during competition, and to be in control of their own game, and building a better knowledge of the game, ultimately providing increased confidence in each player. In addition, the physical conditioning of the game in the sand leads to quick twitch muscle development leading to quicker movement and reactions and increased verticals.

Our VCVC coaching staff will be available for private and small group training. Elite training for established two person teams will also be available.

Private and small group training is for all levels. For those new to beach to the slightly experienced who are looking to improve. Proper fundamentals of the specific beach skills as well as winning strategies will be taught.

Elite two person training is designed for an already set team that wants to raise their skill level in order to better compete in tournaments. With the goal of winning tournaments and eventually earning the CBVA AAA rating.

VCVC believes aspiring beach players should learn the basic fundamentals and winning strategies of this great game. Then go out and play as many beach tournaments possible to practice the skills and strategies. In order to become a top beach player many long hours are needed in the sand. Players can play almost every weekend as well as during the summer week days. Below are links to youth and adult tournaments available.

AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union) –

CBVA (California Beach Volleyball Association) –

USAV (USA Volleyball Youth Beach Tour) –

For more information or to arrange a training session please contact VCVC Director Yosh 805.340.9978 or email




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